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Taking the impact of the dam on the local ecosystem environment in the lower Mekong River in Southeast Asia as a case study, the talk will discuss the impact of large-scale infrastructure projects on the local hydrological ecology, altered nutrient flows, loss of habitat and biodiversity, and increased air and water pollution. (以东南亚湄公河下游大坝对当地生态系统环境的影响为研究案例,探讨大型基础设施项目建设对当地水文生态、营养盐流动、生物环境和多样性以及空气和水污染的影响。)


TITLE: Ecological Transitions in Response to Global Infrastructure Development

TIME: 2019年12月10日15:00-17:00  pm

VENUE: 图书馆51902信息共享空间1984


TITLE: Globalization and its Impacts on Remote Ecosystems

TIME: 2019年12月10日19:00-20:00  pm

VENUE: 图书馆51902信息共享空间1984


Dr. Daniel Kramer is a professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University. He conducts research on the general topics of environmental science and resources managements issues. He recently has been working on globalization related issues over the past decades, focusing on the nexus of water-energy-food systems at watershed scales. He uses case studies in different countries to specifically examine the interactions between people, environment and nature. He has engaged in the Asia Hub initiative and actively participated in research collaborations with local partners in many countries including those in Southeast Asia. He supervises students and teaches courses in the area of environmental science and policy program.

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